“Thanks to the superb artistry of the group and the diverse and stimulating compositions, Event Horizon is an enjoyable and absorbing release. Given the superlative synergy and talent among the four band members it is surprising that they have not recorded together more often. Perhaps this will change in the future.”” - Hrayr Attarian; Chicago Jazz Magazine
“The synergy within Event Horizon is spectacular… It’s amazing how each member of Event Horizon is solid and assertive enough to grab the spotlight at any time. Given the space, each person commands attention. Despite these four strong individual presences, a unity shapes these compositions into performances that are full of momentum and impact.”” - Marc Phillips; Part Time Audiophile
“Event Horizon Jazz Quartet is a brilliant blending of diverse influences and inspirations that combine to create works of wonder and profound interest. This, their debut album, is the harbinger of great things to come… As musicians, they are exemplary. As composers and arrangers, they are brilliantly creative. As artists, they have a unified voice that has an impact and inspiration worthy of close attention.”” - Travis L. Rogers, Jr. ; The Jazz Owl
“A journey where boundaries are blasted through and the fun lies on other paths beyond the beaten one… While stirring up hard blasts of jazzy and sometimes Latin and samba energy balanced by subtle moments of tender reflection throughout, the group also blissfully showcases its sense of humor by centering their 11 track romp on the moody, mystical, polyrhythmic, ultra-trippy title track that truly immerses us in a dreamscape beyond the standard jazz parameters.” - Jonathan Widran; JW Vibe
“Truly masterful…”” - Dick Metcalf, editor, Contemporary Fusion Reviews
Innovative compositions performed to perfection, this is an important new recording that deserves wide attention.” - Grady Harp; Amazon 5 Star Review
“An inspired and creative work… a surprisingly eclectic and interesting album. Event Horizon clearly has a lot to offer, crossing jazz styles effortlessly and with a great deal of interest in the solos. Bravo!”” - Lynn Rene Bayley; The Art Music Lounge
“The superb writing, the variation of styles, and the mostly sensitive, focused playing make for an auspicious debut, a somewhat unpredictable but generally relaxing listen.”” - Jim Hynes; Making a Scene
“Wonderfully expressive and hopeful...”” - Michael Doherty; Music Log
“Mertens and Kaczmarek are both skilled composers. I enjoyed all the well-crafted, original music on this album.”” - Dee Dee McNeil; Musical Memoirs