May 2021

Happy seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!!! We are so looking forward to joining the live performance community and seeing all of you! We have had a productive year in other ways...Our CD has played all over the world-thank you Kate, Holly, WDCB and WZRD! (Please check it out and buy one or four!) We have done fun interviews some of which are posted on this site. We also have been busy working on new material which we are very excited about sharing with all of you. Please be safe...and let us know how you are doing. Much love to you all!

Hello World.

New Recorded Music! 

We are excited to announce the release of our first recording titled "Event Horizon" It will be released on May 1 2020 available as an actual CD or download. It will be available from us and all the usual places. There is a pre-sale on April 24th where you get one track early. It is our happy song "We Would Love To Have You."  Please check it out! Thank you!


We are very glad to be back at Hackneys again and very much looking forward to see you all. We are also working on our first record as a band and we thank you for that! See you soon...Jim


This is a new site ...very soon you will be able to add to this and contact anyone of us through this site....thank you...and enjoy!

We have had a wonderful fall thus far...We got to play with the beautiful guitarist John Moran who performs regularly at DA'd Delli...and reconnected with some old and new friends at Hackney's. On November 17th Scott and I get to play with the wonderful Doug Bratt of the Stone/Bratt Big Band on drums and the spectacular bassist Brien O'Callaghan on bass. It is sure to be a fun adventure.

We are excited and very thankful to announce that on Thanksgiving weekend we start work on our first recording as a band at Donnie's Bass Place Studio. We look forward to sharing the fruits of our labor with all of you.


We believe music is about community...You the listener are very important to us. Here we can share ideas with each other. Thank you!

Jnue 2023 News!!!